2019 Farmer Market Rules

Vendors and Commodities

1. All Vendors must be current members of the Turlock Certified Farmers Market (TCFM), and must display all required permits, certificates and licenses, in their market stall at each market they attend. 

2. A Vendor who would like to sell any commodity not listed on the vendor’s original membership application shall first inform the Market Manager and the Board of Directors of TCFM (“Board”), who must approve of the sale of such new commodity before it may be brought to any market. Vendors will be required to remove all unapproved commodities from their market stall. 

3. Non-certified items shall only be sold in a non-certified section of the market. 

  • All products sold in the non-certified section must be approved by the Board and comply with all applicable regulations.

  • Vendor members selling non-certified products shall not exceed 15% of the TCFM membership.

  • Fishermen vendors who have all appropriate Fish and Game licenses and health permits may be permitted to sell products in the non-certified section of the market. Fishermen vendors may only sell the fish and seafood they catch or raise. NO MIDDLEMEN or FISH PEDDLERS will be allowed to sell products at the market.

  • The Board of TCFM sets limits on the number of vendors selling a particular product or commodity. No vendor will be given any exclusive right to sell a commodity or product and no vendor will be allowed a monopoly on any given product or commodity at any TCFM market. The Board in its sole discretion will determine the number of vendors who may sell the same product or commodity in accordance with seasonal variations and customer demand. No vendor will be allowed to sell any commodity that has not been approved by the Board.

5. No commission sales persons, brokers or middlemen shall be allowed to sell products at a TCFM market.

6. Vendors who apply to sell crafts must follow these guidelines: the products must be created, sewn, constructed, or otherwise fashioned from component materials or items thematic with the image of the TCFM.

Market Conduct and Market Procedures:

7. Time of arrival at each Market, due to crowded conditions and safety issues, must be strictly adhered to. Arrive no later than 7:30AM - Market Hours 8AM to 1PM - All vehicles must be off the street by 7:45AM. Vendors are asked NOT to start tearing down their vendor booth until after 1 pm. 

8. If a vendor is unable to attend a market, he/she must contact the Market Manager at least 24 hours in advance at 209-225-8177. Sellers are expected to come to the TCFM markets regardless of weather conditions. The TCFM depends on regular attendance of sellers to continue throughout the season. Sickness, lack of product and vehicular breakdown are among the few legitimate excuses for missing a market. Irregular attendance for other reasons, including wet weather and anticipated slow sales, may be grounds for suspension. Other vendors and customers count on sellers regular attendance. 

Vendor’s Initials: 

9. The size and location of a vendor's stall space at each market will be determined at the discretion of the Market Manager. TCFM expects all vendors to be flexible about this determination. Vendor's maximum length of displayed products and vendor’s vehicle shall not exceed 24 feet from curb; and be in accordance with applicable laws for fire lane access. Location of market stall spaces are not guaranteed to a vendor from year to year. 

10. Market stall protocol: 

  • Vendors shall keep their market stalls as safe and orderly as possible and shall comply with all county health codes, including keeping all food products at least 6 inches above the ground.

  • Market stall must be swept clean before leaving the market.

  • Pre-packaged goods sold must display the weight, the contents and the seller’s name and address on the container.

  • No alcoholic beverages or vendor’s appearing intoxicated, chewing tobacco, smoking, bicycling, skating, skateboarding, or dogs are permitted in or around the market area.

  • Radios are not allowed to be played during market time.

  • Vendors shall be appropriately attired during market hours. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.

11. All vendors are responsible for the actions of their employees during each market. Each vendor agrees that the Market Manager may eject any vendor’s employee for inappropriate conduct at the market.

12. TCFM permits vendors to offer samples of produce or market products only under the following conditions: 

  • All samples shall be provided in compliance with applicable county health department regulations, which regulations may vary from county to county.

  • Samples may only be given in a vendors designated stall space.

  • A vendor shall promptly pay any fine levied by a County Health Department for violation of its regulations on samples.


13. All organizations must sign a Hold Harmless Agreement before participating in the TCFM.

Closing Statement: 

The Board of Directors of TCFM would like to remind all members that it holds regular Board meetings to discuss all matters of Market business. If a vendor has any grievances, suggestions, safety issues, space issues, commodity additions or any other conflicts, contact the Market Manager, or a board member about having the item of concern placed on the Board meeting agenda. Board meeting agendas must be completed at least 10 days before a scheduled board meeting. If a vendor is unable to attend the next board meeting, the vendor’s concern should be submitted in writing and given it to the Market Manager or Board member for presentation at the next meeting. The Board meeting is the proper forum to resolve any conflicts or concerns of vendors, not the market. It is the goal of TCFM to provide a pleasant family atmosphere for our customers’ enjoyment; all vendors are asked to respect this. 

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