How local are your farmers and vendors?

We’ve been an invaluable asset to our local vendors by supporting their livelihoods at a time when it’s often difficult to find profitable venues in which to see. We’re committed to supporting local farmers’ markets and define “local” as within 50 miles, reducing transit times and costs and providing the highest quality produce to our community. We want to connect Turlockers to their neighbors and to the farmers who provide the produce. However, our policy is to allow products from outside our local radius if the product is not already for sale by local TCFM farmers, allowing for greater variety.

How do I use my EBT at the market? Do you have EBT?

Yes, TCFM is set up for, and promotes, EBT and WIC. Patrons who have EBT cards can withdraw from their account at the TCFM Information Booth, which always has knowledgeable staff. EBT patrons receive either $1 or $5 TCFM farmers’ market tokens, which are used to purchase produce and other perishable goods. In the upcoming 2016 season, TCFM will implement a CalFresh market match program which will allow patrons with EBT cards to double their benefits when shopping at TCFM.

Are there restrooms at your market?

Yes, there are public restrooms at the market.

 Do you offer internships?

Yes, TCFM partners with CSU Stanislaus and TUSD to engage students in an internship program. Interns shadow the market manager and learn the importance of communication and collaboration.

What does the “Certified” designation mean?

TCFM has been certified through the Department of Food and Agriculture for Fruit, Vegetable and Egg Quality Control.

Is TCFM a 501(c)3 non-profit?

Yes, TCFM is a not-for-profit entity and governed by a volunteer board of directors. TCFM is a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit and a tax exempt organization according to the State of California Tax Franchise. 

What types of produce and products do you have at your market?

TCFM has always prided itself on its wide variety of produce, market foods and products:

Prepared food items for sale include pizza, pies, pastries, toffee, gourmet sauces, tea and spices, cookies, hummus, pita chips, salsa, kettle corn, sausage, tamales, shaved ice, and others. Market products include handmade jewelry, children’s clothing, lavender lotions and soaps, scented soaps, hair accessories, and incense, among others. 


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